Say goodbye to constant software downloads and updates. Simply launch your browser on ANY web-enabled device, login to the KryptoPOS Hub, and start elevating your business today!


KryptoPOS Hub loads with your business operations Dashboard that provides you with quick high-level access to important data that matters to you. If that data is insufficient, simply open the Reports module and extract your required information.

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KryptoPOS Hub Cloud Backoffice

KryptoPOS Hub

Track your Sales
Anytime & Anywhere


KryptoPOS Hub is available for you anytime and anywhere! Track Real Time sales & product movement, monitor employee performance, and so much more, providing you a full overview of your business.


KryptoPOS Hub modules are all mobile responsive, meaning you don't have to connect to a laptop or hunt for a PC to login and view your sales. Simply whip your mobile out and be reconnected with your business.

Food & Beverage Outlets

Our iPad Cloud POS Solution is suitable for Quickserve Restaurants or Cafes, as well as Full Service Restaurants that require Table Service features.

Retailers & Service Providers

KryptoPOS can be used by various types of Retail Outlets, as well as Service based businesses like Hair Salons, Beauty Centres and Nail Spas.

Mobile Food Trucks & Kiosks

KryptoPOS works with Bluetooth enabled devices that enable a wireless setup betwee the iPad Cloud POS and the receipt printer (and cash drawer).

KryptoPOS iPad Cloud POS Features


Easy setup

Setting up KryptoPOS with the recommended hardware options is extremely simple and can be completed in a short period, simply by following the step-by-step user guide that is provided upon activation of each KryptoPOS account.


Free Lifetime Updates

Enjoy a piece of mind that your POS software will be constantly be kept up to date, with free & timely updates that you can easily access from the App Store.


In-app reporting

Various forms of reports are available on KryptoPOS Hub (Backend), as well as on the app itself. Protect sensitive data from being visible to everyone in your organization, by applying the applicable Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for each employee.


Multi Outlet Support

The KryptoPOS Hub supports multiple outlets or to be setup and be linked to the same Master account. This improves management of the different outlets for easier tracking of sales, and product management across outlets


Offline mode support

KryptoPOS works with limited Internet connectivity. Data from offline mode transactions will sync to the cloud once KryptoPOS reconnects to the Internet.


User friendly interface

Fret not about training your newly joined employees on how to operate KryptoPOS. The simple yet effective interface provides a seamless user experience. Plus, there are instructional videos available that cover all the modules available in the system.

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