Digi Cloud POS Solutions

Digi Cloud POS Solutions

Solutions for transformation

An article on Digi Cloud POS, that was published on the 2nd of March in the Star 2 pullout of The Star newspaper. Digi Cloud POS is fully powered by KryptoPOS Cloud Point of Sale.

Manage your business with just a click of a button

Digi Cloud POS Solutions

THERE is no playing down the importance of businesses in the country when it comes to economic growth, particularly in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. It is one year to the turn of the next decade, and SMEs account for 98.5% of Malaysia’s businesses1 . A good percentage is the services sector at 89.2%, and another 5.3& come from the manufacturing sector – both of which are expected to grow by 5.9% and 4.7% in the coming year. However, according to the recent Malaysia Digital SME Study 20182, a majority of companies have not yet leveraged on holistic business solutions and the Internet to improve their operational processes. These include utilising a comprehensive coverage of the whole solutions spectrum, including hardware upgrades, software and application process and many others. Many small businesses have not taken the step to capitalise on data analytics to improve their product and service offerings – the adoption rate of enablers such as Internet of Things (IoT) is not high among SMEs. 

Some of the challenges cited by SMEs in digitalising their operations are financing, employee skill set, technology and business planning and strategy. As the country works towards the inevitable integration of future skills with Industry 4.0, it is imperative that these small businesses make the move or risk behind left behind.

Digi chief business officer Eugene Teh said that technology adoption was important to ensure that businesses are able to run more efficiently and get the most out of what they sought out to do.

As consumers these days are more thorough and well-versed with what they want, businesses have to work to keep up with the pace of the demands without burning out. Digitalisation is by no means a new topic, but there is still plenty to be explored and so much potential in businesses coming on board with digital solutions for the betterment of their future.”

Digi Cloud POS: Less hassle, higher productivity

As a leading digital lifestyle provider, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is well versed with these pain points and is providing all businesses the chance to kickstart their digital transformation with them. Digi is now offering Digi Cloud POS – the only free
cloud point-of-sale (POS) software for all Digi business customers in Malaysia.

The zero-subscription cloud POS system includes the software required to carry out daily routines such as placing orders, tracking sales, managing inventory and tracking revenue and profits. Being cloud-based, the iPad POS system is perfect for food andbeverage, retail and service businesses which work well for single or multi outlet setups and even franchise operations.

With a user-friendly interface and easy setup, customers can also enjoy free lifetime updates as well as in-app reporting should they run into any problems with the system.

The multi-outlet capability allows multiple outlets to be linked to one master account, improving management of the different outlets for easier tracking of sales and product management across outlets. There is also no limitation on the number of stock keepingunits (SKUs) that can be added into the system, so businesses are not limited in this area.

The system also integrates seamlessly with various cashless and e-wallet solutions, which then provides customers the ease of multiple payment options without limiting them to just one method. Bluetooth-enabled card processing devices can also be
connected directly to it, allowing payments using debit or credit cards. Table management and order management are available as well, so cashiers can hold orders, split bills, merge bills or even merge table orders.

Customers can also enhance their Cloud POS experience with the complete hardware bundle. For RM3,299, they will receive an Apple iPad, Epson Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, iPad stand and on-site installation service so they need not worry about it ontheir end.

As the Cloud POS system requires Internet connectivity to run smoothly, customers can opt for even better on-the-go connectivity starting from RM68 a month with Go Digi WiFi. They will be able to experience unlimited high-speed Internet with low
monthly fees and connect up to 64 devices. 

Benefits for growth

The POS software is designed to simplify all essential business tasks from the back of the house to the front. By adopting this system, small businesses can save time and money by increasing the efficiency level and automating many essential tasks that would usually take up more time and manpower.

 “With Digi, innovating whilst keeping in mind what matters most to the customer is an important part of what we do. Improving work productivity levels whilst conducting simple tasks in a quicker, more cost-efficient manner is just one of the many areas DigiBusiness broader solutions and Digi Cloud POS can help in,” Teh added.

With Digi Cloud POS, managers can easily track volume, staff performance, inventory and sales in real time from any location with just a click of a button, which in return cuts down the time that is usually spent travelling back and forth to their brick and mortar stores. Accurate reporting assists managers in analysing sales data, calculate revenue, profit and loss and forecast future inventory and sales. This then leads to
improved cost efficiency, reduces human error, increases sales and thus improves the bottom line. 

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