Earn additional revenue by promoting KryptoPOS as an Affiliate

Bloggers, Website publishers and Social Media influencer can easily share KryptoPOS affiliate links and banners and start earning revenues as soon as customers click those links and get activated with KryptoPOS, as long as they buy their hardware from the KryptoPOS Shop. Even existing KryptoPOS merchants can refer other merchants and get rewarded!


More information regarding the affiliate program will be available upon signing up as an Affiliate.

Alternatively, you can contact us to find out more at admin@kryptopos.com

Generous 2-Level Commissions

Receive generous commissions up to RM165.00 per transacted sale directly closed by you or via a lead from your website. On top of that, you could earn an overriding commission for sales closed by affiliate members that you refer; up to RM65.00 per sale.

Affiliate Support

Access tools for clear visibility of your sales and commissions generated by your promotion of KryptoPOS

Ready Ad Banners

Simply add our pre-defined Ads & Banners together with your referral link to your website; do away with worrying about images for promoting KryptoPOS.

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts whenever you qualify for more commission after every sale!

Sign up for an Affiliate account and start earning today!