Digi Cloud POS. iPad Point of Sale solution powered by KryptoPOS

Digi Cloud POS is a Digi Business Solutions  product offering in partnership with KryptoPOS. Take control of your business by being a Digi Business subscriber and start enjoying all the benefits. Now, it’s time to Elevate your Business with Digi Cloud POS, powered by KryptoPOS. Reduce your operational costs, by processing sales transactions at your outlet with #ZEROCOST monthly software POS charges. 

KryptoPOS is a cloud-based iPad Point of Sale system suitable for F&B, Retail and Service types of businesses. KryptoPOS works perfectly for single or multi outlet setups, as well as franchise operations. Track your sales & employee performance, manage your SKUs and so much more all via the online cloud-based backoffice called the KryptoPOS Hub. 
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Digi Cloud POS Features

Mobile Responsive Backoffice

Track Your Sales Anytime & Anywhere Using with KryptoPOS Hub. Responsive Web-Based Backoffice that you can access via any web browser.

Multi Outlet Capability

The KryptoPOS Hub supports multiple outlets or to be setup and be linked to the same Master account. This improves management of the different outlets for easier tracking of sales, and product management across outlets.

Credit Card & E-wallet Integrations

KryptoPOS integrates seamlessly with various cashless and e-wallet solutions, to offer your customers multiple payment options.

mPOS Integrations

Connect your Bluetooth-enabled card processing devices such as Maybank & Managepay mPOS directly to KryptoPOS. These mPOS readers allows payments using credit or debit cards, as well as Malaysian e-Debit Bank cards.

Multiple Printer Support

KryptoPOS integrates seamlessly with various cashless and e-wallet solutions, to offer your customers multiple payment options.

Unlimited SKUs

KryptoPOS has NO limitations on the number of SKUs (Items) that can be added into the system

Split & Merge Bills

KryptoPOS handles table management and order management. Cashiers can hold orders, split bills, merge bills or merge table orders. Plus, KryptoPOS allows grouping of tables into individual areas to improve operation efficiency for your staff.

Role Based Access Control

Create role-based access for every employee, where each of them will be assigned with their unique login Personal Identification Number (PIN) Additionally, each employee has specific access rights assigned to them when they access KryptoPOS, based on the role that they play in that organisation. Business owners provide the relevant access for Administrators, Managers (Supervisors), Cashiers or regular Employees.

Offline Mode

KryptoPOS works with no, or limited Internet connectivity. Sales data from offline mode transactions will automatically sync to the cloud and KryptoPOS Hub, once KryptoPOS reconnects to the Internet.

KryptoPOS Standard Hardware Package

KryptoPOS Standard Hardware Package Description

KryptoPOS Hardware Package

Full POS Features
iPad (5th Generation)
Epson T-82 LAN Receipt Printer
Cash Drawer for iPad Air 2
iPad Stand
On Site Installation

Hardware Package is an optional purchase for customers that do not have the necessary hardware items. Alternatively, for customers that already own part of the required hardware items, a la carte purchase of the remaining items can be done at the KryptoPOS Shop.