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User Guide

Comprehensive User Guide containing detailed information on how to utilise KryptoPOS features on both the KryptoPOS APP, as well as the KryptoPOS HUB.

Tutorial Videos

Explore our tutorial video guides that are broken into short videos which cover the core KryptoPOS functionalities, starting from how to get started, and right up to reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

KryptoPOS is designed to support multiple business types ranging from Food Trucks, Quick Serve Restaurants & Cafes, Full-Fledged F&B outlets with table service, Retailers & Boutiques, as well as Service type businesses.

The KryptoPOS system is a combination of two platforms:

  1. The KryptoPOS Hub, which is the cloud-based back-office (merchant centre), is accessible on any device browser, and is also mobile responsive.
  2. The KryptoPOS app itself, which is an iOS application that is downloadable on any iPad model starting from the iPad 2, right up to the latest generation iPad models.

The KryptoPOS system is absolutely FREE to use for customers of KryptoPOS partners Maybank, Digi and Unifi! Enjoy FREE activation fees, and lifetime #ZeroCost monthly subscription charges. #ForeverFree

To operate a KryptoPOS system, you will require an iPad (any model from iPad 2 onwards), a LAN or Bluetooth receipt printer, and a Cash Drawer to store your cash proceeds. Hardware Packages, as well as a la carte hardware items, are available for purchase from the KryptoPOS Shop.

A working Internet connection is required for the syncing of data between the KryptoPOS app and the cloud-based KryptoPOS Hub. The types of data include product details, transaction & payment You will not be able to view your transactions in real-time without a working Internet connection to the KryptoPOS app.

However, KryptoPOS supports Offline Mode operations so that you can still continue to transact even when your Internet connection is offline. Your sales data is kept locally on the KryptoPOS app until a working Internet connection is available again.

Absoulutely Not! The purchase of KryptopOS hardware is entirely optional, and is only if you do not currently have the required hardware items to use KryptoPOS.

Should you be already using an existing iPad Cloud POS sytem with the same hardware items, you will just need to register for a KryptoPOS software account, which is available FREE for Maybank, Digi & Unifi customers!

Have a chat with us to discuss your migration options from your  existing Cloud POS system, so you can start reducing your business costs today!

We can assist with importing  your menu or retail items into the KryptoPOS Hub, once the item details are populated in an Excel template sheet that we will provide. Upon completion of populating the items, we will sync all the items into your KryptoPOS Hub account, and you will be ready to start using KryptoPOS once this exercise is complete. Speak to us regarding further assistance on this.

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