Food Truck KryptoPOS - The Smarter Cloud-Based POS System

KryptoPOS for  Food Trucks

Fully Wireless Option

We understand you have limited space in your food truck and every inch of space counts, that’s why we recommend Star Micronics mPOP integrated receipt printer & cash drawer to enable you to free up more space for other operation in your food truck. The mPOP connects to KryptoPOS on the iPad via a Bluetooth connection, so you will not have to worry about wire clutter.

Own Multiple Food Trucks?

If you own a chain of food trucks, track your sales across all your food trucks instantly and in real-time using KryptoPOS Multi-Outlet Hub.

Scale your operations with ease,  using KryptoPOS!

KryptoPOS Food Truck Special Promotion!

All Malaysian Food Truck operators can purchase the standard hardware package from KryptoPOS at an attractive promotional price! Send us a message to find out how!

KryptoPOS Standard Hardware Package Description
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