Food Market Hub

Food Market Hub (FMH) is a big data cloud-based supply chain solution specifically designed for the Food & Beverage industry. F&B operators can control Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), inventory, ordering and P&L everything from the cloud . They also have a warehouse, as well as a cold chain logistics facility to offer end to end supply chain support for F&B operators and FMH members to help them maximize their growth without having to worry about back-end operations.

KryptoPOS has integrated with Food Market Hub to sync transaction information and sales data for Food Market Hub to process and calculate the amount of ingredients that have been consumed to prepare the items that have been sold.

Maybank QRPay

KryptoPOS is proud to be the first Point of Sale solution to successfully deploy Maybank’s latest Dynamic QRPay payment method, which was in October 2018.

Dynamic QR codes are never the same and are constantly updated by Maybank systems, which makes them unique each time they are delivered to KryptoPOS for customers to scan from their Maybank2U app. There is no need for and manual input of the transaction amount by either the cashier or customer, as the QRcode alreadhy contains this information.