KryptoPOS Features
KryptoPOS is packed with features to make it really easy for a business owner or merchant to operate their store.

Browse the list of Features below, or sign up for a trial KryptoPOS account to experience KryptoPOS features for yourself!

Real-time reports & analytics

Track your sales, product, shift and refund reports easily via your mobile-responsive browser or directly from the app itself

Easy Setup

Setting up KryptoPOS is extremely simple and can be completed within a short period of time. Upon activation of your KryptoPOS account, a step-by-step user guide will be provided. Additionally, videos resources are available for visual guidance.

Inventory Management

Never run out of items and miss a sale. Set up order triggers when items are running low and have a full overview of your inventory situation to better manage your product offerings.

Employee Attendance tracking

Easily access, track and export your employees attendance, as well as their individual time-sheets, using this module. Additionally, the KryptoPOS Hub provides an employee attendance report that business owners can save on their device, or print into hard copies.​

User friendly interface

Fret not about training your newly joined employees on how to operate KryptoPOS. The simple yet effective interface allows for a seamless user experience. If ever in doubt, there are instructional videos available that cover all the modules available in the system.

Free Lifetime Updates

Business Owners enjoy a piece of mind that KryptoPOS is constantly kept up to date with free & timely updates. They easily access these updates from the App Store.


Offline Mode protects transaction data & avoids operational disruption when the Internet connection becomes unavailable. The offline data syncs up with the KryptoPOS Hub once an Internet connection is reestablished. Transactional data are kept up to date at all other times, whenever there is a stable Internet connection.

SST Compliant

KryptoPOS is SST Ready for the Malaysian market. Furthermore, it easily exports sales reports into formats that most accounting systems can process.

Multiple Printer Support

KryptoPOS supports printing on up to 9 printers, which makes large outlet operations a breeze. The types of printers include kitchen, bar drinks station, as well as order printers.

In-app reporting

The KryptoPOS Hub displays the full range of available reports. However, KryptoPOS displays important reports such as sales reports on the app itself. These reports are displayed because they require quick action to be taken, such as executing a refund transaction from a sales report. Business owners usually restrict sensitive data from being visible to everyone in their organisation by enabling the Role-Based user access settings for their employees.

Order & Table Management

KryptoPOS handles table management and order management. Cashiers can hold orders, split bills, merge bills or merge table orders. Plus, KryptoPOS allows grouping of tables into individual areas to improve operation efficiency for your staff.

Role -based access control

Each employee has specific access rights & privileges assigned to them when they access KryptoPOS, based on the role that they play in that organisation. Business owners provide the relevant access for Administrators, Managers (Supervisors), Cashiers or regular Employees.

Multi Employee Support

Assign each employee with their unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) that they will use to login to KryptoPOS.

Typically,there are 3 levels of access: Supervisor (Full),
Cashier (Usual POS Access)
Staff (Minimal)

Reports & Analytics

Business Owners access their reports on the KryptoPOS App itself, or via the KryptoPOS Hub. Additionally, the KryptoPOS App directly prints out Daily Sales Reports on the receipt printer itself. Choose the desired time period and the system generates the report accordingly. Access these reports using a web browser, from anywhere in the world. These reports provide valuable insights to the business owner. Apart from Sales Reports, Product, Employee, Stock and Refund Reports are also available.

Bluetooth barcode scanner

The integrated Honeywell Bluetooth barcode scanner easily scans the barcodes on your retail items for quick sales processing

Sizes & Colour Configurations

Fashion retailers include size and colour options as part of the modifiers of each item. These modifiers link up with the inventory system and is then available on the KryptoPOS app.

Multiple Outlet Support

KryptoPOS Multi-Outlet Hub links up multiple outlets to be setup and linked into a single Master account, improving management efficiency for larger scale operations. With just a click of a button, updates of menu items, inventory, offers, pricing and discounts are reflected across all outlets. Consolidated Reporting displays individual outlet, as well as aggregated sales data in a single portal. This feature enables quick informed decisions to be made.

Discounting Options

Various discount types are supported by KryptoPOS. Pre-defined discount can be configured in the discounts module of the KryptoPOS Hub. The types of discounts include:

Individual Item Discounts
Partial and/or Total Bill Discounts
Percentage Based Discounts
Fixed Amount Discounts
Use of Cash Vouchers

Additions & Modifiers

Control and customise each individual item ordered by your customers by enabling this feature. Additions allows an amount of a certain ingredient to be increased, while modifiers provide choices to be made, such as choosing a size.

Offline Mode Support

KryptoPOS will work with no or intermittent internet connections. Your sales data will automatically sync to the cloud once the POS is re-connected to the internet.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

KryptoPOS provides basic CRM capabilities to store customer information, frequency and recency of visits. We also provide customer segmentation and profiling tools to create unique segments that can be used for marketing and re-targeting purposes*.

*Available Q1 2019


You can tag transactions to your customers, which will enable you to analyse their purchase habits & spending patterns via the customers module in the KryptoPOS Hub.

Receipt Customisation

Customise your receipts and add your business logo, header/footer text, Wi-fi access codes as well as other options.

multiple cashless mPOS solutions & e-wallets

KryptoPOS integrates seamlessly with various cashless and e-wallet solutions, to offer your customers multiple payment options.

Order & Table Management

KryptoPOS handles table management and order management. Cashiers can hold orders, split bills, merge bills or merge table orders. Plus, KryptoPOS allows grouping of tables into individual areas to improve operation efficiency for your staff.

Multiple Payment Methods

KryptoPOS supports various payment methods including cash, credit & debit cards, mobile & e-wallets. Moreover, KryptoPOS is proud to be the first Point of Sale to offer Maybank's Dynamic QRPay as a payment method, providing a safer & seamless payment experience via customers Maybank2U apps

Stock Monitoring

KryptoPOS is equipped with an inventory & stock monitoring system that tracks each item sold. An email alert can be triggered to the business owner to notify them that a particular item has reached a low stock level threshold. The business owner sets the threshold for each individual item, providing them with flexibility to control alerts based on whether their products are faster or slower moving.


Say goodbye to constant software downloads and updates. Simply launch your browser on ANY web-enabled device, login to the KryptoPOS Hub, and start elevating your business today!


KryptoPOS Hub loads with your business operations Dashboard that provides you with quick high-level access to important data that matters to you. If that data is insufficient, simply open the Reports module and extract your required information.

KryptoPOS Software Activation

KryptoPOS Hub

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real time updates

KryptoPOS Hub is available for you anytime and anywhere! Track Real Time sales & product movement, monitor employee performance, and so much more, providing you a full overview of your business.

Mobile friendly

KryptoPOS Hub modules are all mobile responsive, meaning you don't have to connect to a laptop or hunt for a PC to login and view your sales. Simply whip your mobile out and be reconnected with your business.

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