KryptoPOS Hub

The KryptoPOS HUB Back-office allows business owners to manage their employees & products, track their sales, and so much more.

KryptoPOS Hub ANYWHERE & ANYTIME, via a laptop, tablet or even a regular smartphone.

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Item Sales Report


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Salesperson Reports

KryptoPOS allows cashiers to tag individual items in order lists to a particular salesperson. KryptoPOS Hub  displays this data for business owners to get an immediate overview of their salesperson performance. This feature also makes it a breeze to calculate end of month commissions and other performance-based incentives for staff. 

Simple time management

the power of scaling

coding out of the box

Multi-Outlet KryptoPOS Hub

Track your sales across each individual outlet, or view all your outlets aggregated sales in one dashboard using KryptoPOS Multi-Outlet Hub, providing you with easy access to view the performance of your business in one portal.

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Cashier Reports