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Grab Finance X KryptoPOS Merchants General Interest Form

Grab Finance X KryptoPOS Merchants General Interest Form


Complete the below form to confirm your interest in a SME business financing.

On submission, our representatives will contact you soonest possible to assist you through the funding application process via our online financing platform partner.

Business Industry / Sector *

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Why is Grab giving out business financing?

Grab has recently setup Grab Financial Services Malaysia (GFSM), as part of their mission to help local businesses succeed. We are working together with our partner Fundaztic, a peer-to-peer lending financing platform which is a recognized market operator registered by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

  1. Why is KryptoPOS promoting this for Grab Financial Services Malaysia?

Grab is a business partner which we have worked well with, and we also have the same mission as Grab to help our merchants grow their businesses. 

  1. Why should I take up a loan from this program?
  • No collaterals needed: unlike financial institution, we only need minimal business documents
  • Speedy processing time: money will be in your bank account within 7 working days!
  • Manageable repayment scheme: small amount on a monthly basis
  • Flexible repayment period: financing can be repaid in a period of 6 or 12 months
  • Interest rate as low as 0.80% per month
  1. What is the interest rate?

Interest rate is between 0.80% to 1.1% per month, subjected to company and its directors/shareholders credit standing. This interest rate will be communicated only upon at point of Issuance of Letter of Offer (after all credit checks are completed)

  1. How is the loan calculated? How much do I need to pay on a monthly basis?

Your loan limit depends on your monthly revenue / transactions. The loan amount ranges from RM10k to RM75k.

This is an illustration only

Loan Amount : RM40,000

Loan Tenure : 12 months

Interest Rate : 0.90%            

Total principal repayment per month = RM3,333.33
Total interest per month = RM360

Total monthly repayment = over 12 months = RM3,693.33

  1. What documents are needed for submission?
Business TypeDocuments Required
Sole Proprietor• IC
• Form A&B, or A&D
• Consent Form
• 6 Months Business Bank Statement
Partnership• IC
• Form A&B, or A&D
• Consent Form
• 6 Months Business Bank Statement
Sdn Bhd• IC
• Form A&B, or A&D
• Board Resolution
• Consent Form
• 6 Months Business Bank Statement