KryptoPOS PitchIN Deck for Equity Crowdfunding (ECF)

Below, is the KryptoPOS Deck for PitchIN, viewable as a slideshow. After viewing the deck, you can get further information on how to participate in KryptoPOS ECF with PitchIN by visiting PitchIN’s KryptoPOS page. There is a Q&A section for questions to be posted should you need any clarifications, so please add your questions and we respond over there. Additionally, updates such as our collaboration with Digi & Maybank are also posted there.

If you are new to ECF, please carefully read and understand how ECF and PitchIN works, which is available on the site.

KryptoPOS is also an eligible company that can qualify eligible investors for tax exemptions by LHDN. Angel Tax Incentive is an initiative by the Government to encourage more early stage investments by the private sector. This incentive hopes to reduce the risks usually associated with early stage investments by giving back in the form of tax exemption to the investors.

Some other information regarding ECF’s: 


KryptoPOS Deck