Unifi Campaign: KryptoPOS Hardware & Software Promotions

Unifi Campaign

KryptoPOS & Unifi Campaign


Are you a Unifi customer? If you are, enjoy these special KryptoPOS Hardware & Software Promotions:

Hardware Promotion: Enjoy a savings of Rm199 for our standard hardware package. This savings entitles Unifi subscribers to purchase this package for only Rm3299, as opposed to the usual price of Rm3498.

Besides that, if you already have the required hardware, you can get started immediately by availing to the Software Promotion: Unifi subscribers enjoy a ZERO software activation fee for their KryptoPOS subscription

Not ready to sign up yet? Experience KryptoPOS for yourself, by signing up for a obligation free trial account!

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Here are the steps to enjoy these promotions:


1) Enter your details into this Form


2) KryptoPOS will send your details to the Unifi Campaign team for verification


3) Upon successful verification by the Unifi Campaign team, KryptoPOS will email you the promo code which will need to be inserted at the Checkout page of the KryptoPOS Shop


4) Make payment (for hardware package only) via one of the supported payment methods


5) KryptoPOS will activate your software package within 1 working day, after submission. For hardware packages, activation, as well as hardware delivery, will be within 3 working days once your payment is successfully processed. 

KryptoPOS @ I Love Coffee & Tea Expo 2018
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KryptoPOS Standard Hardware Package Description

KryptoPOS Hardware Package

Full POS Features
iPad (5th Generation)
Epson T-82 LAN Receipt Printer
Cash Drawer for iPad Air 2
iPad Stand
On Site Installation



Easy setup

Setting up KryptoPOS with the recommended hardware options is extremely simple and can be completed in a short period by following the step-by-step user guide that will be provided upon activation of your KryptoPOS account.


Free Lifetime Updates

Enjoy a piece of mind that your POS software will be constantly be kept up to date with free & timely updates that you can easily access from the App Store.


In-app reporting

Various forms of reports are available on KryptoPOS Hub (Backend) as well as on the app itself. Protect sensitive data from being visible to everyone in your organization, by applying the applicable Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for each employee.


Multi Outlet Support

The KryptoPOS Hub supports multiple outlets or to be setup and be linked to the same Master account. This improves management of the different outlets for easier tracking of sales, and product management across outlets.


Offline mode support

KryptoPOS will work with no or intermittent internet connections. Your sales data will automatically sync to the cloud once the POS is re-connected to the Internet.


User friendly interface

Fret not about training your newly joined employees on how to operate KryptoPOS. The simple yet effective interface allows for a seamless user experience. If ever in doubt, there are instructional videos available that cover all the modules available in the system.