Manage Items

Manage Items

In the previous step, we learned about changing your password.

Now, let’s learn how to add and edit categories and items. A categories and items must be created in the hub first before it can shown on the KryptoPOS App.

From your KryptoPOS Hub, go to Items > Manage Grouping > New Grouping

Step 2

Name your grouping and save.

*Grouping keeps categories organised and is used for reporting.

Step 3

From your KryptoPOS Hub, go to Items > Manage Categories > New Category

Step 4

Choose your grouping from the drop down list and name your category.

Step 5

From your KryptoPOS Hub, go to Items > Manage Items > New Items

Step 6

Choose Category from drop down list (Refer to Step 4), name your item and set the selling price, then click ‘Save’

*Other fields can be edited now or later.


A group for all your items. Categories keep items organised and display nicely on the KryptoPOS App.


The name of your item as it will display on the KryptoPOS App and printed receipts.

Description & Extra Information

Additional information about your item. Just for record purposes, it will not appear on the KryptoPOS App.


Stock Keeping Unit – a unique identifier for an item.


International Standard Book Number – a unique commercial book identifier.


Barcode is a optical, machine-readable data. This will work well together with our Honeywell Barcode Scanner to search your item.

Variable Pricing

Price of the item will be determined upon added to order list.

UOM Pricing

Price of the item that determined by unit of measurement. Example: Fresh Prawn sold by weight (gram/kg).

Stock Monitoring

Learn more on Manage Stocks

Modifier (Choice / Addition)

Item option (Choice) that vary the item like ‘size’ (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large). Item option (Addition) that vary the item like ‘Add-on’ (Extra Cheese, Extra Chilli).

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