Login to KryptoPOS Hub (Back-Office)


The KryptoPOS Hub is a very important component of KryptoPOS, as it is required to set up and get your iPad KryptoPOS up and running. It allows you to create & manage your items, manage your employees, view reports and a lot more. So, please do remember to bookmark this URL for future reference. You can log in to the hub by using your registered email address and default password – 123456. Please do not forget to change your password after you have logged in for the first time. The URL for the KryptoPOS Hub is https://hub.kryptopos.com

After each successful login, the KryptoPOS Hub will launch and display your KryptoPOS Back-Office Dashboard.

Remarks: Dashboard will display your outlets current day sales, by default.. If you would like to generate your sales report based on other specific dates & times, you can generate them from ther Reports module.