Completing a Multi-Payment Transaction


In this section, we learn about completing a transaction with multiple types of payment method.


For example, you can accept cash + credit card in the single transaction. Or more than 2 types of payment method.

Step 1


Key in your customers order by tapping on the relevant category and then select the correct item in the KryptoPOS Order screen.


Step 2

After completing adding all the items to the order list, tap on the green Pay button to start processing the payment.

Step 3

Tap to enable multipayment

Step 4


Tap and select the payment method that the Customers wishes to use. As an example, we will choose the Cash + Credit Card for this transaction.

Step 5

After tap Cash, input the tendered amount and tap ADD NOW.

The remaining amount due will be shown on the layout.

Step 6

Tap the Credit Card and input the remaining due as shown on the bottom of the layout. Tap ADD NOW.

Step 6

Confirm the amount and tap on Pay Now.

Step 7

On the Payment Complete screen, tap on Print to print out a  receipt/invoice or enter a valid email address to send an e-receipt to your customer. Tap OK to return back to the order screen to proceed with your new order.