Hold Order, Merge & Split Bill

Hold Order

In this section, we learn about holding a order and retrieve back from hold order list.

How to hold your order?

Step 1

Key in your customers order by tapping on the relevant category and then select the correct item in the KryptoPOS Order screen.

Step 2

After completing adding all the items to the order list, tap on hold button to hold the order to hold order list.

That’s it! You are holding the order on the hold order list and you can proceed for your next order, and you can retrieve it later, at the appropriate moment.

How to retrieve your order?

Step 1

On the KryptoPOS layout, tap on the Hold order. The ‘3’ shown as per the screenshot below mean the current number of the holding order on your POS.

Step 2

Tap on the order icon that you wish to retrieve.

Step 3

Tap on Pay with full amount to start processing the payment.


How to Merge Orders?

Step 1

On the KryptoPOS layout, tap on the Hold order button.

Step 2

Tap and hold the order icon. Drag it to the order you wishes to merge and release.

Step 3

Tap Yes on the prompted confirmation message on the POS.

That’s it! You have merged the two orders.


How to split a bill?

Step 1

n the KryptoPOS layout, tap on the Hold order button

Step 2

Tap on Split Bill

Step 3

After a tap on a split bill button, the order icon will become grey. Tap on the selected order you wish to split order.

Step 4

Tap Split now

Step 5

Tap and select the item you wish to make payment.


Step 6

Tap Split Bill

Step 7

Confirm the order and select the payment method that the Customers wishes to use.